Saturday, January 26, 2013

Jan 25: Besan Paratha

I had it bookmarked since ever. Besan Paratha by Anita from A Mad Tea Party

I finally tried it for dinner. Didn't improvise on anything, no tweaks, none whatsoever. Its kind of rare for me, but the recipe was simple and didn't call for untoward ingredients also. 

Dough and the besan paste didnt take much time at all. I could easily make one when one was frying on the pan. 

Verdict: Fabulously flaky, delicious parathas. I wonder whether it is the oil in the mixture or the besan, I never get my parathas so flaky. Wouldnt change the Ajwain seeds for anything, they make it what it is. 

Tweaks possibleIn fact the suggestions made in the recipe are very viable, I was wondering about the finely chopped garlic/methi as an addition to the chopped coriander I was using. Chopped green chillies probably, skipping the chilli powder in the paste. Would roasted gram flour will be an overkill? 

Next time. There will be definitely a next time, preferably for breakfast, this is a tad too heavy for dinner. And remember to serve with yogurt, it doesn't need anything else. 


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