Saturday, January 26, 2013

Why a new blog?

I already do have one to record my experiments, though I havent updated it in years. I didnt reuse the same place for a new one, as it is absurdly easy to get a new one. I am indeed planning to abandon that one and record my lunches and dinners here.

I need a food diary, of what I cooked and what worked, what didn't and what could be tweaked to make it work or why it is useless to pursue that particular dish. More like a dish diary. What the original dish was, how I tweaked it to make it work, whether that tweak worked or probably destroyed the dish forever. Does it have a hope for coming on to the table in future. I tried doing this offline but I havent been able to keep it up beyond a day. :D Lets see the fate of this blog.

I have a couple of resolutions on my cooking, to make the basics, master them and then try doing all the fantastic things that I keep dreaming about. What is the point in trying to make a Biryani when I basically suck at all the basic Pulaos and Fried rices. :) I have a better success rate with Parathas and Naans than with rice. Leaving carbohydrates altogether from the diet is another fantastic thing I keep thinking about, but its not coming true any time soon given my love for all things wheat.

Anyways, this blog is for me to keep track of the lunch/dinner options that I have tried making and whether they were a success or a failure and why. 

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